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TerminateHer #1984 started skating with Green Mountain Roller Derby in 2010. She played with Green Mountain for five years before transferring to Montreal. She now plays with the New Skids on the Block travel team. The New Skids are currently ranked #15 in WFTDA. They have shown great strength this year so far and they are even more excited to be hosting play offs this fall.
Where do you play at?
Montreal, New Skids on the Block
How long have you played?
Just under 6 years. 
What position do you play?
Have you had any injuries/ trouble with your body?
I sprained my LCL pretty bad in 2012. 
What are your future plans?
Make top three at play offs this year!
What is the best thing in Roller Derby?
It’s a continuously evolving sport. There are always new skills and strategies to learn! Being able to travel world wide and meet amazing people has been fantastic too. 
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