Sally Broyeur

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13249338_10154146137528917_151353804_nI’m Sally Broyeur, I play roller derby since six years now. Actually and since the begining I’m skating for the Paris rollergirls in France. Meanwhile I’m blocker for l’Equipe de France (Team France) since 2013 and involved as a blocker coach for the men’s equipe de France since 2016.

I’m also head coach and bench coach for the Panam Squad (MRDA). I’m mainly a blocker and I have a lot of contacts with my full body, more with my upper body so I was looking for the best gears to protect myself and be more confident so I can focus only on the game.

I love the strategies, interactions and emotions which roller derby brings to me since years. I like discovering new ways to play or drills, being curious, hard worker and mind opened is the best way to grow as a skater.