Nina Erwes

Nina Erwes

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Sports Backgrounds:

Been trying out a lot of different sports since I was a small girl. Still no other team sport before derby have ever gotten me knee deep into it.

Snowboarded more than 20 years.

Derby experience and other:

Derby started in autumn 2010

Home team has always been to Helsinki Roller Derby.

HRD All-stars captain since 2012

2014 Finnish national team captain

Fun facts:

Out of control little finger; sticking always upright when I’m focused on track. This inherited from my father, who was a big time basketball player when younger, having his pinky always pointing up.

The Bigo tournament MVP in 2016

Euro All-Star 2015

All-Stars MVP 2014

MVP Skate Odyssey tournament 2013

Personal sponsorships:

Steaks Roller Derby Accessories

Wikko Skates

Fysio Runteli