Merry Khaos

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Merry Khaos #30 is a known Derby Gypsy, traveling wherever to participate in the world of roller derby. She discovered derby in 2009 with Harrisburg Area Roller Derby’s Nuclear Knockouts & Fallout Femmes.

Since then she has played for the Dutchland Derby Roller All-Stars, Charm City Female Trouble & Mobtown Mods, and Tampa Roller Derby’s Bruise Crew & Black Widows. in 2015 she coached Tampa’s Sea Sirens and in 2016 she’s been jam coaching the Molly Roger Rollergirls while recovering from ACL reconstruction.

Khaos has been reffing for 3 years, and announcing since March 2013. Her Khaos Theory Blog has been running since 2012 alongside her Derbalife Health Coaching.

She is a member of Team Roller Derby Elite, and contributor to Jammer Line Magazine, Blood & Thunder, and DerbyCentral.


Who do you play for?

Tampa Roller Derby and Team Zebra

What position do you play?

Pivot/blocker/jammer, jam ref/OPR

What are your future plans?

To get back to Tampa Roller Derby and try out for the travel teams, hopefully reclaiming a spot on the Bruise Crew and eventually the Tantrums. I plan to continue announcing as well and building a resume to travel with.

What is the best thing in roller derby?

The love within the community is the best part. I have made lifelong friends in every corner of the world because of sitting next to them during a Team Puerto Rico game, or talking to them at the Elite booth at Northeast DerbyCon, or teaching them in a RollerCon class. The Derby Gypsy love is the greatest thing.


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