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Lorrae Evans

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Lorrae has played roller derby all over the world. She began skating in 2010 with Perth, Australia. Since then she has travelled and played for Helsinki Roller Derby and the London Rollergirls. In 2014 Lorrae played for Team England Roller Derby and played with London Brawling at WFTDA playoffs and Champs. She currently skates with VRDL and is excited to see what her team can achieve at Championships in 2016. They won gold at playoffs in Tuscon 2015, and bronze in WFTDA champs in Minnesota 2015.

Where you play at?:

VRDL All Stars, Team England Roller Derby

How long have you played?

6 years

What position you play?


Have you had injuries/ troubles with your body?

Inflammation of the cartilage near the sternum, impingement in the shoulders from previous shoulder injuries.

What are your future plans?

Team wise : Be the best ! Win the hydra !

Personally : I’m working on being a pivot 🙂

What is the best thing in roller derby?

The combo of athleticism, strategy and creativity in the skating.

Being in a team that all want the same thing <3

The travelling and opportunities the sport gives you.

All the amazing people !