Jenna Cros

Jenna Cros

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“I’m Jenna, 27, from Toulouse, South of France.

I love the color blue, my fantastic fiancé, singing and laughing really loudly, and wear awesome (ugly?) jackets. Favorite saying : “The whole point of keeping it real is to take it to the next level”

I am passionate about roller derby; as a player and as a coach. I love this game and all the people and values it brought into my life ever since I step into the venue of my very first derby event, 5 years ago.

Teams I play for :

– Nothing Toulouse since 2011 (Toulouse, France)

– Team France (2014 co-captain – and part of the brand new training squad!)

Teams I coach :

– Toulouse Quad Guards

– Men’s Team France (blocker coach and head coach/Bench)

On the track, I want to fully commit to my game, and for the longuest I can ; so taking care of my body is essential – it’s my dearest piece of gear after all !  – that’s why I’m incredibly happy to be able to put some STEAKS on to embrace all the game energy!”