Falcon punch

Falcon Punch

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Image-1 (1)I’ve been playing with Montreal Roller Derby since 2011, and for the A Team: The New Skids on the Block, for the past 2 years. I’ve always been a jammer, but I recently started working on being a pivot and I love it! I was also one of the main jammer for Team France during the 2014 B&T World Cup in Dallas, one of my best memories.

I am lucky I’ve never injured myself badly playing roller derby, but after getting hit in the chest so many times, my sternum now “cracks” (or pops) which leaves the doctors very perplex… Otherwise, I broke my left collarbone 8 years ago while snowboarding.

My sports background is quite diverse and totally unrelated to roller sports or team sports. I mostly did gymnastic, horseback riding, snowboarding and Muay Thai (which actually really helped me in the “hit/being hit” aspect of the sport).

Roller derby was my first experience at a team sport, and it really changed my life. Not only does it includes all the things that I love in sports (strategy, agility, flexibility, strength and aggressiveness) it also gave me the opportunity to travel and meet some of the incredible people I know.